Student Enrollment Policy

Students who enroll in Ascend Real Estate Educators (A.R.E.E.) courses agree to be bound by the following policies and procedures:


Payment in full is required and due at the time of registration for any class or course offered by A.R.E.E. Class sizes and enrollments may be limited due to location and course design. Enrollments will be accepted on a first registered/paid basis. Payment by credit card on the Ascend website is preferred. Checks will be also be accepted. Payments must be received prior to the start of class.

Class Cancellation/Refunds 

Any classes that are cancelled by A.R.E.E. will be fully refunded or credited towards another class or course. Learners may withdraw from a registered class/course and receive a full refund if notice is given to A.R.E.E. at least 24 hours in advance. There will be no refunds issued after a student begins class. Exceptions may be granted due to hardship or emergencies and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any textbooks or materials purchased for a course are not refundable.


Students are expected to be on time for the scheduled start of class. A.R.E.E. adheres to the Rules and Regulations set forth by the PA Real Estate Commission regarding classroom time. Any students who arrive late to a class that would result in them not being able to meet the time requirements will not be permitted to attend and will be issued a full refund for the class. Students who leave class excessively or not during designated breaks may be dismissed without receiving credit or a refund. 

Students who miss a pre-license class will be offered the option to make up the same class at another available location or time in the future.

Classroom Behavior 

A.R.E.E. encourages student participation and a collaborative class environment for both in-person and live-streamed sessions. Classes will be conducted in an atmosphere free from harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual preference, and familial status. Any form of harassment or retaliation will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior that distracts and prohibits others from learning will not be tolerated.


Instructors and students are prohibited from recruiting or promoting any brokerages, personal businesses, or products during class. Any solicitation or recruiting should be immediately reported to the Director of the school.


Transcripts will be issued in electronic format at the conclusion of a class/course and only after meeting all course requirements.  If applicable, students will be required to submit copies of the transcripts to the Department of State/Real Estate Commission or their local Board of Realtors.


Additional course/class specific policies and instructions will be provided at the time of registration. Learner acceptance and acknowledgement will be required as part of registration.